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Wild Waters, Inside a Voyageur’s World looks at the fur trade through paddler’s eyes

Wild Waters, Inside a Voyageur’s World by Larry Loyie with longtime partner and co-author Constance Brissenden is a surprise gift to readers five years after the award-winning Cree author’s passing.

In 1828, Tomma, Loyie’s four times great-grandfather was one of sixteen Hudson’s Bay Company voyageurs who challenged the fierce Fraser River at Hell’s Gate on the command of Governor George Simpson. Wild Waters, Inside a Voyageur’s World combines Loyie’s rich imagining of an eighteen-year-old Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) paddler’s life with details from a diary written by Chief Factor Archibald McDonald. This time, history is seen through the eyes of the voyageurs who made the fur trade possible.

Achilles Gentle, president of Indigenous Education Press and of Brantford, ON, knew immediately that he wanted to publish Wild Waters, Inside a Voyageur’s World. “Larry Loyie was a residential school survivor who determined at age twelve to become a writer one day. Larry and Constance Brissenden worked together for twenty-five years, producing unique and memorable books including our own bestselling Residential Schools, With the Words and Images of Survivors. Wild Waters, Inside a Voyageur’s World, their tenth book, opens a lively discussion of the fur trade and the largely unnamed Indigenous and Canadien (French-Canadian) paddlers who made it possible.”

The award-winning writing team’s in-depth research into the voyageur world brings this fascinating era to life.


Wild Waters, Inside a Voyageur’s World is a historic fiction chapter book, $19.95, 152 pages, fur trade routes map, Youth/Adult, ISBN 9780993937187. For more information on Wild Waters, Inside a Voyageur’s World and its authors, Larry Loyie and Constance Brissenden, to interview Constance Brissenden and arrange virtual school visits, please email Achilles Gentle, President, Indigenous Education Press and,

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 Wild Waters, Inside a Voyageur’s World is a personalized account of the hardships and hazards of a voyageur’s journey. The fur trade would not have been possible without the strength and endurance of the Indigenous people.” – Frank Surprenant, Woodland Cree Elder

Wild Waters, Inside a Voyageur's World is an authentic, atmospheric tale of the voyageur and Hudson’s Bay Company days. Not only do you admire the strength and courage of the paddlers in navigating the wild waters, but also how they negotiated the intense personalities and rivalries of the Europeans they laboured for. An excellent historical account of the voyageurs’ life!” -- Darlene Adams, Curator, High Prairie & District Museum, High Prairie, AB